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How to find unusual scholarships for college

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sample college application essaysFinding Unconventional Scholarships for College

Getting into college used to depend on having high GPA scores and unique sample college application essays but now here’s an alternative if you don’t exhibit any of the usual artistic, academic, or athletic prowesses for conventional scholarships. Unconventional college scholarships are now providing the most needed financial aid to deserving students with talents and capabilities that are not of the normal or regular make. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the more famous and wacky unconventional scholarships that your sample college application essays can be written about, and how to apply for them:

NAAFA Scholarship
NAAFA or National Association to Advance Fat Awareness is offering scholarships to group members who have submitted sample college application essays on their personal fat activism battles. Members get to win $ 1000 for sample college application essays that can also be about other fat activism-related topics that have been approved by the NAAFA council.

Klingon Language Memorial Institute Scholarship
Trekkers can now benefit from having watched too much Star Trek and mastering the Klingon language with the Kor Memorial Scholarship. Nominees for this scholarship can be recommended and need to submit recommendation letters and sample college application essays to be eligible. Although mastery or knowledge of Klingon is not required, a demonstration of the ability to think creatively through the sample college application essay and other means is highly necessary.

The Ayn Rand Institute Scholarship
Here’s taking writing sample college application essays to a higher level. The Ayn Rand Institute has sponsored three scholarships or contests for sample college application essays based on premises that can be found in the author’s novels. The pot for winning sample college application essays in these scholarships range from $30 to $ 2,000.

SPAACSE Scholarships
The Society of Performers, Artists, Athletes and Celebrities for Space Exploration, Inc. (SPAACSE) offers scholarships to seniors who have interests in space and producing art through music and other means. Submitting a CD or a piece of art and sample college application essays are needed to qualify for the $1,000 scholarship.

The David Letterman Scholarship
Although limited to Ball State University students, David Letterman awards scholarships for students who not only did well in their sample college application essays, but also in other literary and journalistic projects as well. Writing those sample college application essays sure paid off.

There are other wackier, unconventional ways of earning scholarships for your college education and some don’ even require submission of sample college application essays. You can either be a person who literally reaches sky-high or literally be down to earth to win certain amounts of money for scholarship. Harvard gives out financial remunerations to students named Murphy, while another college awards scholarships to the Zolps.

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